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I support Baekhyun and Taeyeon. I’m sure you don’t want your idol being bashed by other people. For his happiness right? He doesn’t belong to anyone. He has his own life. If could, support them. As a fan, that’s all we can do right? You can get closer to him but stay away from his life. Accept the truth if can. If not, please don’t make any rude comments about them. He’s always there. We still can love him as our idol. But sorry not as our imaginary boyfriend! As long as he is happy, that is enough for us as fans.

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Baekhyun : Let me teach you the way to put the EYELINE when you didn’t have one.

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Baekhyun’s reactions when Baby Don’t Cry played at Yoo Inna Radio. Haha!!

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Baby Baekhyun.

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Chanyeol - 140602 - The Lost Planet in Hong Kong

Credit : Spunky Action, Baby!.

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Krismin moment <3 Kyeopta!!!

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Did you guys watch Global We Got Married? ♥ One of my favorite couple in We Got Married > Keyrisa. Key from Shinee and Arisa, a model from Japan. Isn’t she cute?

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[Not about EXO ♥]
My favourite girls band - Girl’s Day ♡
Maknae, Hyeri. Happy Birthday ! ♥

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吴亦凡 ♥ Your smile is my sunshine.

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Loves to see him being so happy on the stage ♥! Fighting !